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ACH or Wire Transfer , which one’s better ?

What is the difference between a wire and an ACH?

A Wire Transfer is a real-time method of transferring immediate funds. It is a direct bank to bank transaction that allows you to move money in real-time. In general, a wire transfer is fast and secure, but expensive.

ACH (automated clearing house ) is similar to a wire transfer, instructions received to transfer funds are sent to the clearing house and processed by the learing house. As a result, your money is not available as quickly as it often is with a wire transfer.
ACH transfers are less expensive than wire transfers.

Bottom Line

Wire transfers is the quickest way to transfer money from one bank to another, but it is expensive. If you can wait longer, best choice is to send money electronically through the ACH system.

Make the choice based on your need, save money using ACH instead of wire transfer.

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