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Can NRI make investments in India?

The Indian government is offering several investment facilities to NRIs, PIOs and OCBs to invest in India.  Checkout the FAQ below

Can NRIs make investments in India?

NRIs can make investments in all the investments options which are available to Resident Indians (stocks and equities, mutual funds, debentures, government securities etc) however, Persons of Indian Origin can only make investments in non-agricultural businesses in the country. Checkout more on investment options available to NRIs in India.

Whar are all the accounts NRIs can use to make payments for investments?

  • NRE Account
  • NRO Account
  • FCNR Account

Checkout NRO, NRE and FCNR account Comparison.

Tax benefits:

There are many tax benefits available to an NRI. Checkout the available Investment Tax Benefits available to an NRI.

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