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Citibank India – Inward & Outward Remittances

Citibank India foreign exchange services provides a wide range of forex services like transfer funds from India to abroad (outward remittances), transfer funds to India(inward remittances), foreign currency etc. Citibank provides you attractive rates and faster turnaround times. Citibank global network allows you to transfer funds from anywhere in the world, instantly.

Citibank India Outward Remittance

Be it money for admission to universities abroad, gift money, medical treatment abroad or maintenance for loved ones, Citibank Foreign exchange service offers you a simple way to send money to a beneficiary situated outside the country except for Nepal and Bhutan(outward remittance).

Outward Remittance Modes:

  • Foreign Currency Demand Draft: Just walk into your nearest Citibank branch to get a foreign currency Demand draft, normally foreign currency DD will be issued within minutes.
  • Wire Transfer: Transfer money from your account across the globe.

Citibank India Inward remittance

Citi Online Remit service allows US NRI’s to send money from United States to India. You can transfer money from either your Bank account or Credit Card in the US and your beneficiary in India (inward remittance).

Click here for more information about Citibank NRI Money Transfer facility and its available delivery method. You have to register at Citi Online Remit to avail this facility.

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