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Citibank NRI Money Transfer

Citi bank Online Remit service US NRI’s to send money from United States to India. You can send money from any US Bank Account or Credit Card/Debit Card. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way of sending money to your loved ones in India.


Transfer from any US account to any account in India.
Transfer using Bank Account / Credit Card.
Directly credit the recipient’s account in India or issue a Demand Draft
Track your Transfer Online.
Online security features like personal security questions, Turing number, site key and IP tracking
24×7 customer service at the Citi NRI Toll Free number 1-800-CITI-NRI

Funding your accounts

You can link your US bank account or you can use US Credit or Debit Cards. There is a transaction fee for using credit and debit card. Learn more about sending money to India using a credit or debit card.

Method of Delivery

2 types of money deliver to your loved ones in India.

  1. Draft Delivery
  2. Direct credit to bank account

Transaction Fees

Unlike other services like SBI Express Remit, ICIC Remit, etc (zero transaction fees), Citi bank Online Remit charges a transaction fee to send money.

  • Credit Card/ Debit card – Flat fee of USD 1.00 plus 2.5% of transaction amount
  • Internet check – Flat fee of USD 1.00

How to Send money through Citi Online Remit

  • Login to Citi Bank Online Remit and enter payment details (amount to be transferred from your Credit Debit card or Checking/Savings account.
  • Enter receiver details (account number/address)
  • Confirm the transaction.
  • You will receive tracking number in e-mail shortly after confirming the details

Access Citi Online Remit here .

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