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Disadvantages and Advantages of OCI card

Can OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) card holder buying property india or open bank account in India ? Here is the Benefits of and disadvantages of being an OCI Card holder

Advantages of OCI card

  • Multi-purpose, multiple entries, lifelong visa for visiting India.
  • Exemption from registration with local police authority for any length of stay in India.
  • Parity with NRIs in respect of economic, financial and education fields except in matters relating to the acquisition of agricultural / plantation properties.
  • Parity with Non-Resident Indians in the matter of inter-country adoption of Indian children.
  • Parity with resident Indian nationals in matters of tariffs in domestic air fares.
  • Parity with domestic Indian visitors in respect of entry fees for visiting national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, visiting national monuments, historical sites and museums in India.
  • Practicing the following professions – doctors, dentists, nurses and pharmacists, advocates, architects and chartered accountants.

Disadvantages of OCI card

  • You have to renounce your Indian Passport.
  • You have no voting rights.
  • You cannot be a candidate for Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha / Legislative Assembly / Council or a member of the House of the People or of the Council of States.
  • You cannot hold constitutional posts such as President, Vice President, Judge of Supreme Court / High Court, etc..
  • You cannot normally hold employment in the Government of India.

[ source https://www.in.ckgs.us/ ]

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