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How do I wire transfer money to HDFC Bank ? – HDFC Wire Transfer

Do you want to transfer money from USA, UK, Australia or anywhere in the world to your beneficiary’s account with HDFC Bank in India?
There are multiple ways to transfer money from your local bank to HDFC bank, the easiest of which is Quickremit. Ckick here for HDFC money transfer to India options.

Money wires or wire transfers are a fast, safe way to move money between accounts at different financial institutions. If you want to Transfer funds to your beneficiary’s HDFC Bank Account in India using Telegraphic/ Wire Transfer, here is how

To send a wire, sending bank will need…

You need to provide the following details to the sending bank

  1. HDFC Bank’s Nostro Account number
  2. HDFC Bank’s SWIFT Code (see below)
  3. Your or your beneficiary’s account number with HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank SWIFT code for Wire Transfer ?


Note: There is no separate SWIFT code for our individual HDFC branches, so you can use the central branch SWIFT code( HDFCINBBXXX ) for remitting funds to HDFC bank anywhere in India. This swift code is common for HDFC bank all over india.

HDFC Wire Transfer Charges

HDFC Charge for receiving money through wire transfer(Remittance Inward)

  • HDFC Bank charges foreign exchange conversion fees of Rs. 90.66 (plus service tax and education cess) for receiving money through wire transfer.

Note: Intermediary or correspondent banks in India might charge an amount to receive wire. International wire transfers go through many financial institutions before coming into HDFC. Ask your sending bank about the intermediary bank charges before sendign wire.

HDFC Charge for sending money through wire transfer(Remittance Outward)

  • Rs. 500/- flat for upto USD 500 or equivalent
  • Rs. 1000/- flat for above USD 500 or equivalent

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