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How to Buy Gold Coins from ICICI Bank?

If you want to buy gold for an investment, then buying gold coins/bars is good option compared to jewellery.

Buying gold bars or coins is easy nowadays. If you are not sure of the quality of gold you purchase at crowded jewellery shops, you can just walk into any major banks in India who sells gold coins.  Like major banks, ICICI Bank in India sells tamper-proof, certified 24-carat pure gold under the name “ICICI Bank Pure Gold”, you can purchase coins across the counter at its branches.

Gold coins and bars sold by ICICI are imported from Switzerland, each of these coins carry a 99.99 per cent Assay certification. ICICI Customers and non-ICICI customers are eligible to buy gold at ICICI branch.

Features of ICICI Bank Pure Gold

  • 24 Carat ICICI Bank Pure Gold is imported from PAMP Refinery Switzerland
  • Available in 5g, 8g, 20g and 50g categories
  • Coins are available in 2.5,5 and 8 g weight
  • Gold bars are available in 20 gm and 50 gm weight
  • Gold carries a 99.99% Assay Certification. This certificate would help at the time of resale of the coin.
  • Priced based on daily prices in the international bullion market

How to Purchase?

To purchase Gold bars or coins, visit nearest ICICI Bank Branch and fill the Gold Deposit Slip form. Money to purchase can be paid by cash, debit instructions on your savings, current account or payable DD. You can also make a payment by issuing a third party cheque in favour of ICICI Bank Ltd.

Note: ICICI Bank Pure Gold is available only in select branches, please your nearest branch for availability.

Link other banks, ICICI bank won’t buy back the coins that it sells, but you can sell them at a jewellery store.

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