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How to check Money2India remittance and ACH Status ?

Money2India ACH Status and Remittance Status

You don’t need to have an ICICI account in USA or India; ICICI money2india uses the ACH (Automated Clearing House) facility in USA to facilitate fund transfer from your US bank account to beneficiary bank account in India, including ICICI Bank. The direct debit uses use ACH for money transfers from one account to another automatically. Also, you can use ICICI money2india ACH service to schedule automatic periodic transfer from US account to accounts in India.

Checking status of Money2India e-transfer (ACH) account

If you want to check the money2india ACH Status, you can do so clicking “e-transfer (ACH) Account(s)” link under Manage tab on your ICICI Money2India account your user ID and password. Status will show as “Account-Enabled” if your ACH status is active.

  • Login Money2India >> Manage tab >> Click e-transfer (ACH) Account(s)

How to check status of Money2India remittances?

You can track the status of your remittance by clicking “Track Your Remittances” link under Manage tab on your ICICI Money2India account.

  • Login Money2India >> Manage tab >> Click Track Your Remittances

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