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How to Send money to India using a Credit or Debit Card ?

Want to send money to India using your credit or a debit card. Do you know with Citi bank Online Remit service, not only you can use checking or savings account to fund the transfer, but you can also use your Credit Card or Debit Card in the US. Your beneficiary in India can receive money in their bank account or as demand draft that will be couriered to their mailing address.

When you use Credit card to fund the transfer the transactions are not processed as a cash advance at Citi Bank’s end. However, your credit card company may charge you a cash advance fee for such a transaction. To avoid credit card cash advance fees, we suggest that you check with your bank before processing any transaction using your credit card.

The transfer will appear on your credit card statement as “GLOBAL REMITTANCES” and on your bank account statement as “CITIBANK, N.A. UNIT”. Credit Cards and Debit cards take 2 business days for processing.

Transaction limits for Credit/Debit Cards:

Max First time Transaction: USD 500
Max Daily Transaction Limit: USD 5,000
Max Monthly Transaction Limit: USD 10,000

Transaction fees

Transaction fee is applicable for online transfers. There is a Flat fee of USD 1.00 plus 2.5% of transaction amount (transaction fee includes 12.36% Service tax payable to the Government of India)

So, when you use credit card to send 100$ you will be charged $3.50 total transaction fee(for $1000 – $26.00 transaction fee)

Access Citi Online Remit service.

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