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How to Send Money to India using Western Union?

You can send money using western union by visting a Western Union Agent location.

Follow these simple steps to send money to India using Western Union:

  1. Go to a western union agent location. Click here to find nearest location to you.
  2. Show the photo identification card to the Agent for verification.
  3. Fill the ‘TO SEND MONEY’ form. Give the filled form with the money that you want to send along with the service fees.
  4. You will be given a receipt after money transfer is initiated . Find Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) in the receipt.
  5. Contact the receiver in India and give the MTCN to pick up their money (Ask your receiver in India to go to a nearest agent location and pick the money using the MTCN provided by you)
  6. Track: You can track the status of your money transfer here, by typing in your name (the sender’s name) and MTCN.

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