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How to Send MoneyGram to India ?

Seinging money to India using Moneygram is pretty straightforward. Here is a simple and straightforward way to way to send money to India using Moneygram.

Follow these simple steps to send money to India using Moneygram :

  1. Go to a Moneygram agent location. Click here to find nearest location to you.
  2. Show valid identification card (driving license, SSN card, passport, national identity card or government issued identification)
  3. Fill the send form (name, the recipient’s name, amount to be sent etc.) and hand this form to the MoneyGram agent along with the transfer fee
  4. You’ll get a reference number. Contact the receiver in India, Give the reference number and the secret code if one was used to the recipient to pick up their money.

Helpful Moneygram send money Information:

  • If the receiver doesn’t have a valid identification card to pick up the Moneygram in India, you will need to add a Test Question(secret code). You need to give the reference number and the Test answer to the receiver.
  • You can pay for the MoneyGram with Cash or using a Debit Card. You don’t need a bank account or credit card.
  • Moneygram transfer fee is varies dependent on the amount of money you are sending and which agent you are using.

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