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How to Transfer Money to India via SBI New York?

State Bank of India (SBI) has number of branches in USA, through which you can send money to India. If you want to send money via SBI new York Branch, you can do so by visiting in person at the New York branch of the SBI or you can send instructions via mail or via a wire transfer to SBI. You can send rupee remittances to India for free through SBI.

New York SBI allows you to send money to India in six different ways. That is, you can directly apply at the New York branch for the remittance. You can apply for remittance to New York branch only if you are a Registered User of remittance services of New York branch. All INR remittances are free irrespective of amount.

Different ways you can remit money by applying to New York branch are,

  1. Rupee Remittance to Account (credit of the account of the beneficiary)
  2. Rupee Remittance to Beneficiary
  3. Rupee Drafts
  4. Dollar Remittance to Account
  5. Dollar Official Checks
  6. EUR or GBP Remittance to Account

You can pay for your remittance in seven ways to New York branch,

  1. Personal Checks or Certified Personal Checks
  2. Cashier’s Check
  3. Wire Transfer (to Account No. 77698405507006 using SBI ABA routing No. 0260-0914-0. )
  4. ACH Debit Authorization
  5. Account Debit
  6. Cash
  7. Debit or Credit Card


State Bank of India
460 Park Ave # 3,
New York, NY 10022-1972
(212) 521-3200

Visit http://www.statebank.com for more information.

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