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ICICI Bank: Fund Transfer Fees (NEFT Charges)

Transferring money from your ICICI Bank to another account has different options including ICICI to ICICI, between linked ICICI Bank accounts and ICICI to Non-ICICI Bank accounts.

Transfer funds between ICICI Bank accounts (ICICI to ICICI)

You can transfer funds from your ICICI account to other ICICI Bank accounts, anywhere in India after completing a one-time registration. Also, you can instantly transfer money between ICICI Bank accounts that are linked to your Internet Banking account.

Transfer funds from ICICI to other bank accounts

ICICI allows you to transfer funds from your ICICI Account to other bank accounts anywhere in India which is enabled with IFSC codes in over 100 cities across India. ICICI allows you transfer a maximum amount Rs 100,000 for NEFT transactions. You should login to your ICICI bank account and complete one-time registration and confirmation of the Non-ICICI Bank account number ( Third Party bank account)

Fund Transfer Fees ICICI Bank

ICICI Netbanking and Inward Fund Transfer Charges:

  • Netbanking : NIL
  • RTGS Inward : NIL
  • NEFT Inward : NIL

ICICI NEFT Charges – at Bank Branch:

  • Rs. 5 per transaction – for upto Rs.1 lakh
  • Rs. 25 per transaction – for Rs. 1 lakh and above

ICICI RTGS Charges – at Bank Branch:

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Charges

  • Rs. 25 per transaction – for Rs. 1 lakh to Rs.5 lakh
  • Rs. 50 per transaction – for Rs. 5 lakh and above

Terms Used: NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer), RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)

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