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ICICI Canada : Send Money to India

NRI’s in Canada can use ICICI bank to Transfers money from Canada to India using Branch, Online or Phone Transfers involving Currency Exchange. ICICI Bank in Canada provides a robust money transfer service to individuals sending money to India. Online Money Transfers(Canadian dollar/CAD/C$ to INR) are available from ICICI Bank Canada to ICICI Bank in India as well as other banks in India which are a part of the Reserve Bank of India’s NEFT List. Also Checkout other services to send money to India from Canada.

ICICI Bank Canada Account Holders

Money Transfers to any bank in India can be done from ICICI Canada HiVALUE PLUS Chequing Account, ICICI Canada HiVALUE Chequing Account, ICICI Canada HiSAVE Savings Account and Premium Savings Account. Money Transfers through Phone Banking is only available to account holders of ICICI Bank Canada. If you a ICICI account holders you can transfer unlimited funds to India using ICICI branch.

Checkout fee page for ICICI Canada Rates & Charges.

Non ICICI Bank Canada Account Holders

Non ICICI Bank Canada Account Holders can use Branch transfer facility. Non Account Holders cannot avail Online or Phone transfers. Non-account holders can also send money through ICICI Bank Canada with a maximum of C$3,000/day at one of the Bank’s branches during any 24-hour period. Checkout fee page for ICICI Canada Rates & Charges.

ICICI Canada Exchange Rate

Checkout Exchange Rate Calculator(CAD to INR )for Canada Currency Exchange.

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