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ICICI Rupee Transfer – Fixed Rupee Transfer

Do you want to send fixed rupee amounts to your parents or send fixed amount for family expenses, bills, monthly house loan installments in India ? Consider ICICI bank Fixed rupee transfer facility. You can send exact rupee amount for remittance to your receiver in India using ICICI Money2India service with pre-intimated exchange rates. You can send up to INR 2,00,000 per transaction using ICICI Fixed Rupee Transfer.

ICICI Rupee Transfer is an idle solution to send fixed amout of money to india for the payment of Home Loan, Educational Loan,  insurance Payment etc.,

ICICI Rupee Transfer is currently available as an additional feature on online e-Transfer service for US and Canadian money transfers. Rupee Transfer will allow you to send money to India on a regular basis. You can easily set recurring transaction requests online.

Features of ICICI Rupee Transfer

  • Send fixed INR amount to the receiver in India.
  • Get to know the exchange rates at the time of amount being remitted to your receiver.
  • No need to worry about volatile exchange rates, you will get to know the exchange rate at the time of transfer.
  • Fixed rupee amounts will help you to pay your home loans in india, to pay family expenses, bills, monthly installments etc
  • ICICI will provide you with the confirmed exchange rate applicable to your transaction request and the exact USD/CAD amount that will be debited from your bank account in Canada or USA.

Charges to send money through ICICI RupeeTransfer facility

  • Foreign currency conversion charge: Charge of INR 25 (inclusive of service tax on the charge) will be levied and added to the Rupee amount that you want to send to your receiver. The exchange rate applied will be on this total rupee amount.
  • Service charge (US Customers): 2 USD (inclusive of service tax @10.3 % on the charge )
  • Service charge (Canadian Customers): 4 CAD (inclusive of service tax @10.3 % on the charge)

ICICI RupeeTransfer – limits

  • You can send upto Rs 2,00,000 per transaction
    The overall limit of USD 5,000 per day and USD 15,000 per week (US Customers)
  • The overall limit of CAD 5,000 per day and CAD 15,000 per week (Canadian Customers)
  • For transfers into VISA card accounts (non-NRI) issued in India, limit is INR 50,000 per transaction.
  • For transfers via Ready Cash delivery mode, limit is INR 40,000 per transaction.

To send fixed money to India, Register with ICICI money2India here.

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