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Indus Fast Remit – Send Money from US to India

IndusInd Bank remittance service Indus Fast Remit allows US based NRIs to send money to India. One can transfer money from any bank account in the US to any bank account in India using .

If you want to send money from UAE/Bahrain/Kuwait etc to India, consider IndusInd Bank Middle Eastern remittance service Indus Speed Remit.

The Bank of New York Mellon is the clearing partner for IndusInd Bank in the US.

Indus Fast Remit Features

  • Send from any U.S. Bank
  • Send to any Indian Bank
  • Free Calling Cards
  • Guaranteed Exchange Rate
  • No Transaction Fee

IndusInd will payout the funds faster to the beneficiary in India based upon your transaction history. The time for the beneficiary credit could be as fast as 2 days for customers with a good transaction record on Indus Fast Remit.

Indus Fast Remit – Delivery Methods

  • Cheque – Issue a cheque to any beneficiary in India
  • Direct Deposit – send to any account holder at IndusInd Bank
  • Electronic Deposit – send to most banks in India

To avail of this service, register yourself on Indus Fast Remit website https://www.indusfastremit.com/, undergo a simple registration process & then start remitting the money.

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