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Indus Speed Remit – Send Money from UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait to India

Do you want to send money to India from Gulf region (Middle East) ? You can use Indus Speed Remit to transfer funds from Gulf to India.

IndusInd Bank has a remittance product called Indus Speed Remit to transfer funds from the Middle-East. Indus Speed Remit has tie-up with twenty-two exchange houses in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain to transfer funds to India. If you want to send money from US to India, consider IndusInd Bank US remittance service Indus Fast Remit.

IndusInd Bank product Indus Speed Remit allows you to send money to India in association with Exchange Houses and Banks. Receiver can receive funds as fast as 24 hours.

You can use several partnered Exchange Houses for remitting funds through Speed Remit, in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Hong Kong & Singapore.

Money can be credited in IndusInd Bank account in India or to other banks. If you don’t have IndusInd Bank account, money will be credited through RBI’s electronic clearing or a DD( demand draft) will be issued and couriered in 24 hours.

Note: There is not transaction fee charged by IndusInd Bank for transferring funds through Indus Speed Remit. However Exchange House/ Bank levies charges and thus varies for each correspondent

Get in touch with their nearest Exchange House, if you are interested in availing this facility. List of partner Exchange Houses or your nearest Branch in UAE.

IndusInd Bank – Middle East NRI Services

Apart from remittance service, IndusInd Bank has other services for NRIs in the Middle-East including NRE / NRO, FCNR deposits, sale of mutual funds and other banking related third-party products and services.

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