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Investment – ICICI Bank Pure Gold

Gold is one such asset as its value is universally recognised. Gold has usually shown a steady appreciation in value and can be easily converted to cash.

ICICI Bank ‘Pure Gold’, imported from Switzerland, comes with a promise of 24-carat, 99.99% purity in a tamper proof packing. ‘Pure Gold’ is assay certified, signifying the highest form of purity as per International standards.

Availability: ICICI Bank ‘Pure Gold’ coins and motifs are available in 5g, 8g, 20g, 50g and 100g. Pure Gold is available in any of our 2500 + branches in India.

Convenience: If you’re an ICICI customer, you can book ICICI Bank Pure Gold Online. This is a unique service offered only by ICICI Bank in India. Gold Online is available across 381 branches in 64 cities in India.

Here is how to Buy Gold Coins from ICICI Bank?

Gold coins Investing Pros

  • Value of Gold coin is comparable to international gold price
  • One of the most recognized and reliable way to invest in gold
  • Investment is very easy. You can buy Gold coins from banks or from a local Jewelry shops
  • Available in smaller denominations, Big investment is not required

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