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Kotak FundstoHome – Remittance Service

Kotak FUNDStoHOME allows you to send money for family support or crediting money in your own NRO, NRE accounts or FCNR Deposit account with Kotak Mahindra Bank in India. Wire Transfer, Cheque and Direct Debit are some of the remittance methods available through FUNDStoHOME remittance service. This service is free to Kotak Mahindra Bank accounts in India. This service is currently available in US dollars.

Remitter nor the receiver in India don’t need to have an account with Kotak Mahindra , as the payment can be delivered as Demand Draft. You can send demand drafts (DD) for $2 payable at around 351 locations across India. Demand Drafts will be approximately delivered in 3 working days.

Services offered by FUNDStoHOME

  • Direct Debit – Online remittance services which can be availed by NRI’s residing in the US.
  • Wire TransferOnline Wire Transfer facility – A real-time method of transferring funds in real-time.
  • Cheques – Send funds to your account in India in the same time as getting the funds collected in the US itself.

Register for Kotak FUNDtoHOME here.

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