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Nokia Money – Easy Pay and Easy Send

Nokia Money in India enables consumers to send money to another person just by using the person’s mobile phone number. Transferring cash using Nokia Money is as simple as sending a text message.

With Mobile money you can transfer funds, pay bills, and buy goods and services quickly and securely with your mobile phone. When you are working away from home, Nokia Money enables you to safely send money home to your family.

“Mobile Money Service by YES Bank powered by Nokia” in Pune, India has two types of accounts – Easy Pay and Easy Send.

Advantages of Nokia Money

  • Send money or pay bills without trekking to a branch and queuing – or needing a PC
  • Keep track of your balance, expenses and payments – and get alerts when you receive money
  • Instantly transfer: When you’re in a hurry, transfer money straight from your mobile.
  • Your own PIN-code for your Nokia Money application and the latest mobile technology keep your transactions secure

Nokia Money Easy Pay

Basic version of Nokia Money Easy Pay service and allows you to do the following:

  • Pay Utility Bills – Electricity, Gas, etc – (For a detailed service list,click here)
  • Recharge Prepaid (Recharge either your prepaid Mobile balance or for your family and friends) .

Nokia Money Easy Send

Full version of Nokia Money Easy Send service and offers the following:

  • Pay Utility and other Bills ( Click here for a detailed list)
  • Send money to other Mobile Money Service users
  • ATM Card – Withdraw Cash from a YES Bank ATM
  • Pay participating merchants or stores.

Sign up to Mobile money services here it only takes a few minutes. For more information visit Nokia India Mobile money services.

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