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NRI Related Resources – FAQ

Are you an NRI? Looking answers NRI related questions? Here are the articles links which has answers to your most common NRI related questions( NRI Investments, NRI Tax, etc). Bookmark this page for future reference.

– How NRIs can claim TDS exemption.. link

– Why PPF is not an attractive investment option for NRIs ? as an NRI you cannot open a new PPF account. Secondly, if you live in a country like the US or UK, you will have to pay tax there on your PPF earnings and withdrawals. Let’s dive deeper. More here

– Can NRIs can hold accounts in any currency ? NRI’s who have non-resident accounts in the country can now hold them in any currency which is fully convertible.. More here

– Taxation rules & tax saving tips for NRIs – The income which is earned outside India by an NRI is not taxed here. While the interest earned on a savings bank account for resident Indians is taxed, an NRI doesn’t have to pay tax on the interest income in a non-resident external (NRE) account or foreign currency non-resident (FCNR) account…more here

– How returning NRIs(Return to India – R2I) should plan their return to home... link here

– Returning to India? Rules about earnings from investments abroad..link here more Returning to India articles here

– All you wanted to know about TDS for NRIs – For every income that you earn in India as an NRI, tax will most certainly get charged and furthermore, it would be deducted at source. more here

– How much can an NRI invest in IDFs? NRI investors will be allowed to invest up to USD 10 billion in Infrastructure Debt Funds (IDFs).. link

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