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SBI Money Transfer to India

State Bank of India (SBI) offers remittance services to the NRIs, PIOs and Foreign nationals settled in various parts of the world to send money to India. SBI offers remittances to India through multiple channels. This service is called SBI Express, which has services in USA, UK and Middle East Countries.

List of services offered by SBI in USA, UK and in Middle East Countries.

SBI Offerings for US Customers

  • SBI Express Remit – USA:

    You can use SBI Express Remit to send money to India from USA. Money will be directly credited to over 12,000 SBI branches in India and facility of credit to accounts held in other banks in India.

  • SBI Rapid Remittance:

    Want to send money faster ? With SBI Rapid Remittance your beneficiary receives money the very next business day using Customer Initiated Payments system. You can send maximum of USD 100,000 (minimum of USD 2000) per day.


    SBI Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR-B) deposit is an online service. You can send money from your US Bank account to your existing NRE or FCNR account in US Dollars with designated SBI branches in India.There is no Charges for using SBI Express US FCNR.

SBI Offerings for UK Customers:

  • SBI Express Remit – UK

    You can use SBI Express Remit to send money to India from UK using Customer Initiated Payments (C.I.P.), cost-effective offering to send remittances from UK to India by Non-resident Indians.

SBI Offerings for Middle East Customers

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