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SBI Sydney – Money Transfer Services

State Bank of India Branch, Sydney International Money Transfer

You can remit money to India through State Bank of India, Sydney using eRemit facility or by other methods. With SBI you will receive the most Indian Rupees for your AUD. Irrespective of the amount to be transferred, a small service fee of AUD 15.00 will be charged for the entire transfer.

Amount will be into Indian Rupees(INR) by SBI Sydney at the prevailing market rate of INR vis-a-vis AUD and the INR amount will be credited into SBI account of beneficiary within 3 minutes of releasing the remittance using Straight Through Process (STP) method ( same or next credit day in case of other banks).

The main advantages of STP remittance are :

SBI Sydney can sent money to over 15,000 branches of State Bank of India and its 6 Associate Banks directly through Straight Through Process (STP) method.

  • You would know the exact amount being credited in India
  • Minimum Remittance charges
  • No intermediary bank charges involved. Remittance is sent directly in INR to Account with any branches of SBI Group.
  • Same day credit in case of SBI Group banks and on the same/next day in case of other banks.

Ways to Send Money (Payment Methods)

You have the following options to make available funds to us for effecting your International Money Transfer

  1. Payment in cash – SBI, Sydney do not accept cash directly, So all cash deposit for international money transfers needs to be deposited by the remitter directly at National Australia Bank(BSB no.082 001) for credit of SBI Sydney account no. 56875 8201.
  2. Payment by Cheque – SBI, Sydney accept your personal cheque and cheques also be sent to us by post. The cheque should be made payable to State Bank of India, Remittances A/c. It takes 3 working days to clear the cheque
  3. Payment by Direct Debit – You can authorize SBI Sydney to do a direct debit on your account with any bank in Australia for your International Money Transfer.
  4. Payment by Direct Internet Deposit (Internet Banking : eRemit ) – You can transfer funds in AUD from your bank account held with any Bank in Australia, through internet Banking( SBI eRemit).


Remittance charges (Any amount ) – $ AUD 15.00

Documents/ID required to send money

Here are the list of documents required to do money transfer using State Bank of India,Sydney

  1. International Money Transfer Form, click here for the form.
  2. Photo ID, either Passport or Australian Driver License (License no., signature & D.O.B should be legible)

SBI Sydney Exchange Rates

Check Exchange Rates of State Bank of India, Sydney. The rates are subject to change at the Bank’s discretion.

For more information check: State Bank of India, Sydney.

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