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Send and Receive Money using Obopay Mobile Money

Obopay is a mobile payment service provider (Mobile Money Transfer ) which lets you instantly get, send and spend money anywhere, anytime with anyone.

You can instantly pay back a friend, get money from your parents, get quick cash, pay up or collect on a friendly wager, track purchases, check your balance from your phone; anywhere, anytime with anyone.

Obopay – Send and Transfer Money

Send or transfer money to anyone in the US. The receiver doesn’t need to have an Obopay account to transfer the funds directly into their bank account.

Received has option to receive the money in their own bank account or instantly to a supported debit card.

Getting paid by Obopay

Obopay offers a variety of tools to collect payments from your website, email or mobile phone

Visit www.obopay.com for more information.

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