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Send money from India to USA or Abroad

How to transfer money from India to USA/UK/Middle East or to other countries?

Sending money outside from India is also called outward remittance. Here are the details on how to Send Money from India to US or abroad using outward remittance service provided by banks and agencies in India. You may send money abroad to a beneficiary for various purposes including foreign travel, gifts, medical treatment, donations, etc. You may need to declare the reason for transferring outside India if you use Bank.

The Money can be sent to abroad countries using the following modes:

  1. Wire Transfer/ Transfer through SWIFT – ( If SWIFT facility is not available, your remittance can be effected through telex ).
  2. Foreign Currency Demand Draft – You can send the Demand Draft to the beneficiary, who receives payment from drawee bank on presentation.

Note : You cannot use services like Western Union, Ikobo, Xoom & MoneyGram to send money from India to abroad. These services are not allowed legally by the government (Reserve bank of India). You can receive money in India using these services but cannot send money out of India.

Currently only banks are permitted to implement outward remittances and inward remittances are limited in India.

India Outward Remittance using Banks

  • ICICI Outward Remittance
    ICICI Bank’s Outward Remittance is the solution for you to send to your loved ones abroad from India. Services offered by ICICI Bank is easy and dependable. You can send money for education, gift money or maintenance for loved ones or for donation using ICICI Outward RemittanceOutward Remittance Modes
    There are two modes to send money from India to abroad

    Foreign Currency Demand Draft: Go to any ICICI Bank branches and obtain a Foreign Currency Demand Draft. ICICI Bank offers the Foreign Currency Demand Draft in the following currencies: USD, GBP, SGD, EURO, CAD, AUD.

    Wire Transfer: Transfer money from your account to Beneficiary account across the globe using ICICI wire transfer(fast and simple way ). ICICI Bank offers Wire Transfers in the following currencies: USD, GBP, EURO, SGD, CAD, AUD, CHF, HKD, JPY, AED, SAR, DKK, NOK, SEK, QAR

    Note: Non ICICI bank account holders need to give proof of identity and proof of address to send money from India to abroad( using ICICI Outward Remittance)

  • HDFC Bank – Outward Remittance You can send money overseas using HDFC Bank Outward Remittance service in 13 different currencies. Through SWIFT transfer you money will be reached within 72 hours to your beneficiary anywhere in the world.
  • TMB – Outward Remittance Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank(TMB) offers outward forex remittance. Funds can be transferred to any account anywhere globally from your TMB account.
  • Axis Bank – International Outward Remittances Monet Transfer through SWIFT – SWIFT is the quickest and efficient method of fund transfer. Axis has connections with 200 major banks across the globe to receive SWIFT messages.Transfer through Telex – This method is used in the place where SWIFT facilities are not available from the place you are remitting funds.Demand Draft – Go to Axis Bank branches and obtain a Foreign Currency Demand Draft. Once you deposit of rupee equivalent and commission you can get the DD issued in foreign currency.

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