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Send Money to India from Canada

Do you want to transfer money from Canada to India? CAD (Canadian dollar) to INR (Indian Rupees) ?

ICICI Canada

Customers can send money to over 90 banks and 50,000 branches in India using ICICI Bank in Canada. ICICI Bank in Canada provides a robust money transfer service to individuals sending money to India.

If you a ICICI account holders you can transfer unlimited funds to India using ICICI branch. Non-account holders can also send money through ICICI Bank Canada with a maximum of C$3,000/day at one of the Bank’s branches during any 24-hour period.

Visit ICICI Bank Canada

SBI Canada

State Bank of India in Canada can send the funds to any of SBI branches and to other banks in India as well. You may send your remittance in Indian rupees or in other currencies such as USD/CAD/ GBP/ EUR/AUD/JPY.

Visit sbicanada

Transferring Through Money Companies

Money transfer agencies provide a speedy way for people to wire money quickly, online or at their money branches. Visit the office of Western Union or MoneyGram in Canada.

Using Remit2India service

Remit2India is part of the Times Group. Draft delivery facility to over 13000 destinations and direct deposits into Receiver accounts across 90 banks, including 11000 plus SBI branches across the country.

Other Online Transfer services

Online Transfer services will give you best and competitive exchange rates. Check below for available Online transfer bank/agencies to send money to India.

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