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Send Money to India via Online Transfer

Online Transfer will give you best and competitive exchange rates. Check below for available Online transfer bank/agencies to send money to India.

Note: If you want to send money fast, than the fastest way to send money to India is sending money through money transfer Agencies.

ICICI Money2India – ICICI Bank, one of the leading bank in India offering money transfer services to the NRI community through Money2India. This gives you the best exchange rate for dollar to Indian rupee at any given day or time.
Visit Money2India.

SBI Express Remit – Remit money to India using SBI Express Remit. State Bank of India express remit allows you to send your money to India from US, UK, Middle East countries, etc; You will get best exchange rates.
Visit SBI Express Remit.

Citi Online Remit (US residents only) – Service offered by Citi bank for NRIs to send money to India from United States using any US Bank Account or Credit Card. The money transferred can be received in India through demand drafts or direct account credits.
You can transfer using Bank Account / Credit Card. With Citi Online Remit one can Issue & deliver Demand Drafts to anyone in India, at no charge.

Visit Citi Online Remit.

Remit2India –  Service offered by the Times of Money. Using Remit2India NRIs can send money to India from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Canada, U.A.E., Hong Kong, Germany, Spain & other Euro Countries.
Visit Remit2India.

HDFC Quickremit – You can send money to your loved ones conveniently to India from Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, UK, USA and other countries.
Also Check out all the money transfer services provided by HDFC Bank.

Visit HDFC Quickremit.

Citi Online Remit– NRI can send money to India from USA, Canada, UK & Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and other countries using any US Bank Account or Credit Card using CitiBank’s Online Remit. You can issue and deliver Demand Drafts to anyone in India, at no charge.
Visit Citi Online Remit.

HSBC Fast Click – HSBC offers FREE Remittances through FastCLICK, you can send money to any bank account in India from Australia, Canada, USA and UAE .(Fast Click – may not available in all countries).
Click here for more details about HSBC Fast Click.

AxisRemit – Axis Bank has tie-up with Timesmoney for their remittance service. Send money to India from: USA, United Kingdom, Euroland, Australia, Middle East, Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong.
Visit Axis Remit.

South Indian Bank (SIB)

Online money transfer services from South Indian Bank allows you to transfer money from UAE/middle-east to India.
Visit South Indian Bank .

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