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SIB Flash – Web based remittance from UAE to India

“SIB Flash” is a real-time remittance service with the UAE Exchange Centre provided by South Indian Bank. Web-based inward remittance for instant account credit to SIB customers from UAE Exchange, Abu Dhabi. NRIs can remit funds into the beneficiary’s account through UAE exchange online banking service instantaneously

Features of SIB Flash

  • REAL TIME credit facility to send remittances through all branches of UAE Exchange Centre, Abu Dhabi to South Indian Bank accounts.
  • First Bank and first Exchange House to have such a facility in India.
  • Presently there is a cap of INR 5 Lakh per remittances routed through FLASH
  • It is a web-based remittance via SIB Payment Hub.

Visit South Indian Bank “SIB Flash”

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