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Using Paypal in India

How can I use Paypal in India ? Here is how you can withdrawing money from paypal and send money using paypal in India.

PayPal is a service to send money online as well as get paid. PayPal account uses your email address as the primary identification. You can receive money from anyone using your email id. Simply give your email id( example aish@sendingmoneytoindia.com) to anyone who want to send money, within minutes money will be in aish@sendingmoneytoindia.com paypal’s account. Also, you can send money to just about anyone-all you need to their email address. Paypal is best service related international transaction including India.

PayPal is an online financial middleman that facilitates the transfer of money between people and businesses ( also between people to people)

Uses of Paypal – Examples

  • Use PayPal to buy things online, shop on eBay
  • Receive money from your friends
  • Pay online retailers who will accept Paypal for payment (this way you are not exposing your Credit or Debit card number to the online website)
  • Send a payment request to a customer for the service
  • Receive charity donations from anyone in the world
  • Collect money for a group gift or an event

For example you are website developer in India and you have finished a work for a US client, just give your paypal account email-id ( you should have a paypal account with this email) to the client and ask him to send money to your paypal account. That’s it, money will be in your account when your login.

Send and Receive Money using Paypal

You can receive money as soon as your paypal account is created, but to send money or to buy products online, you’ll fund your account. To fund your account you can link your bank account or credit card to your PayPal account.

You can transfer the funds in your paypal account to your bank account, request a check, or send the funds to someone else.

PayPal Account Types

  • Personal
  • Premier
  • Business
  • Student

Paypal Supported currencies

PayPal supports payments in 24 currencies, your payment will be automatically converted into native currency. So you can accept or make payments in a different currency. The currency is converted to Indian rupees as per existing rates. Paypal provides verification through bank account, and also provided for transaction in INR.

Visit official website at www.paypal.com

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