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Wells Fargo – Money Transfer Services From USA

Wells Fargo ExpressSend remittance money transfer service in USA allows you send money to India, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Philippines, Vietnam, and China.

Beneficiary in India can receive money at any ICICI Bank account ( deposited into their account) in India.

Ways to send money using Wells Fargo ExpressSend remittance

Transfer money from your eligible Wells Fargo checking or savings account to your beneficiary’s account.
Walk into any Wells Fargo Branch in the USA to send money to India

Here are the solutions for sending money India using Wells Fargo ExpressSend remittance:

You DON’T need to have a Wells Fargo Account to do a money transfer in USA but receiving person should hold an account with ICICI Bank. There are 2 ways to send money using Wells Fargo International money transfer service ExpressSend ,

  1. Transfer money from your Wells Fargo checking/savings account to your beneficiary’s ICICI Bank account in India.
  2. Walk into any Wells Fargo Branch in the USA and pay cash at the Wells Fargo counter to send money to your beneficiary’s ICICI account in India ( this option is only available at selected Wells Fargo store locations)

Your money reaches in within a day and the charges are nominal.

ExpressSend transaction fee

  • $5 – to send from your Wells Fargo account.
  • $7 – to send using cash-based option.

Note: There is no transaction fee, If you have Wells Fargo Checking Package account.

How much money I can send using Wells Fargo ExpressSend ?

The minimum you can send is $25, The maximum daily amount is

  • $5,000 for account-based service per day (deposited into beneficiary account)
  • $3,000 cash-based service per day

Information Required to send money

Beneficiary full name
Full physical address in the country to which funds are being sent
Your Beneficiary’s ICICI Bank account number

Wells Fargo exchange rates

Dollar to Indian rupee exchange rate will be applied by Wells Fargo based on the USD to INR Wells Fargo ExpressSend conversion rate for that day.

Competitive US dollars to Indian Rupees Exchange rates. Checkout this page for Wells Fargo exchange rates or Call Wells Fargo at 1– 800–556–0605 to get exchange rates.

You need to enroll in a Wells Fargo ExpressSend service Agreement to use the Wells Fargo ExpressSend service if you want to use online method.

For more information check: Global Remittance services to India.

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