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What is ACH Transfer ?

ACH (automated clearing house ) or the electronic transfer of funds is similar to a wire transfer, instructions received to transfer funds are sent to the clearing house and processed by the learing house. As a result, your money is not available as quickly as it often is with a wire transfer.
ACH transfers are less expensive than wire transfers.

Remittances from USA to India happen through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). If you want to transfer money through online money transfer services you will give them online instructions to transfer money, respective provider will initiate ACH process to deducted from your bank account abroad and transfer money to your receiver bank account in India. This is a complete online process.

Wire transfers is a quick way to transfer money from one bank to another, but it is expensive. If you can wait few days, best choice is to sending money electronically through the ACH system.

Make the choice based on your need, save money using ACH instead of wire transfer.

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