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What is the SWIFT code for ICICI Bank in India?

You need to know ICICI SWIFT code of the beneficiary bank if you want to send money via Wire transfer from abroad. SWIFT code identifies precisely the financial institutions involved in financial transactions and undue delay even through it goes through different financial networks around the world.

ICICI Bank SWIFT code for Wire Transfer ?


Though ICICI branches in a city have individual SWIFT CODES, above code is common for ICICI bank all over india.

If you are transferring money using Wire Transfer to any ICICI bank just use the central branch SWIFT code( ICICINBBNRI ) along with the beneficiary’s ICICI account number and other details. The money will be further routed to the remote ICICI branches with the help of the account number.

If you are wiring money through a ICICI correspondence bank from abroad follow the steps mentioned here. Wire Transfers is the fastest and safest way to move money between accounts at different financial institutions.

Note: If you want to find SWIFT code of any bank in India.. See this article and follow the link.

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