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Who can send Foreign Currency Cheques ?

To send money to someone staying in India a foreign currency cheques is a very good option. Anyone across the globe can send Foreign Currency Cheques to beneficiary(parents, relatives , etc) in India. All you need to do to write cheque in your local currency and send it to the beneficiary in india via mail or courier (fedex etc). As soon as the beneficiary deposits this cheque into any bank which accepts Foreign Currency Cheques, bank will credit the account in about 15-21 days. The exchange rate will be settled on the day of clearing. So amounts, you want to send and actually received might be different.

One can mail post dated checks at a time. Cheques are the most inexpensive traditional method to send money home, but post/mail will take much longer period to reach its destination.

The procedure to encash foreign currency Cheque in India is like enchasing normal cheque. Checkout how one can encash foreign currency Cheque in India.

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